3 ways to avoid getting your data corrupted

Data corruption is a common form of computer error. Data corruption happens when code is changed from its original and correct form either intentionally or unintentionally. Even a small change can break a program and make a file useless. Here are three ways to avoid getting your data corrupted.

Sizing a database to reduce data corruption

Your database size must be appropriate. You should consider the amount of free space on the server, the amount of file history you need to access quickly, etc. The size of your database should not be too large. So, remove the things that are not needed or that you don’t use often. Else, your data may get corrupted.

Keeping disk space available for the database

You need to have enough disk space in your computer. You should make sure that you have enough free disk space on the server or remote database computer so that various operations can run smoothly. If there is not enough disk space, then your computer will run slow and data may be corrupted.

Preventing power outages

Data corruption can occur due to power outages. In order to minimize this kind of problem, you can use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your computer. This will give you sometime to save your works and turn off the computer normally so that data corruption or data loss doesn’t take place.

If you can maintain these three things regularly then there is very less chance that data corruption will occur in your computer. Data corruption can incur huge loss, so it’s better to take measures to prevent it.

Online downloads

Think of situation where in you have downloaded an important file from a website. After the completion of downloading process, you tried to open the file but it refused to open and displayed an error message like “The file is corrupted, truncated or has been altered since it was created. If you have downloaded this file, try downloading again.” Why are downloaded files corrupted? Click the link to read more about it.


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