How to use xMaster Backup to create and store data backups

1With xMaster Backup, you will find that creating data backup has never been so easy. Computer crashes, viruses and user errors puts you at risk of losing your valuable data any time. It is, therefore, necessary to secure your files regularly so that in case of emergency, your computer data is still accessible.

Xmaster Backup automatically stores your data. All you need to do is select your data, set automization for scheduled backups, and select destination. Within seconds your valuable documents will be transferred in zip format to a hard drive, CD, DVD or USB flash drive as scheduled. You can set up multiple schedules also; like, daily, weekly and monthly.

In order to make sure that your sensitive data remains secure always, xMaster Backup provides a very secured encryption of upto 256 bits. It also lets you transfer protected backups to a web server through an FTP or FTPS upload. With xMaster Backup, you can secure information limitlessly. You can choose to backup only new and changed files, create multiple backups, spilt the backup across various data storage devices, etc.

The backup procedure takes very less time. The software automatically eliminates redundant data. You can take backup of your entire backup system and avoid expensive data loss. You can reduce storage costs with incremental backups, deduplication and compression. Incremental backups identify only the changes made since the last backup. This significantly reduces backup time, storage requirements and network usage. You can store backup copies in upto five different locations. This provides flexible and reliable recovery options. It supports local disks, networked storage and offsite cloud storage as well. With Xmaster Backup you can instantly restore backup sot any machine regardless of the platform. Xmaster Backup is the best backup solution for your business.

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