How to use CyberDust to send 100% encrypted messages

Using CyberDust you can communicate freely. You can send and receive text messages, links, photos, stickers, videos and many more. The messages are protected from screenshots and they vanish right after they are read. They are heavily encrypted. Once the messages disappear, they are gone for ever and can never be recovered. Using CyberDust , you can send private messages to groups of people and receive real-time and personal responses. You can build new followers on CyberDust platform. With this you can connect, share and get feedback easily without worrying about the privacy of the content.

Cyber Dust is a new phase of communication. Unlike social communication platforms, this is 100% private, just like face-to-face communication. You can send messages in the form of dust or blast. Dust goes to only one receiver, whereas blast goes to multiple receivers. The dusts and blasts cannot be recovered ever. This is done in two ways. First of all, each dust is encrypted heavily and they are never written to any permanent storage like hard disk. These only exist in the memory and vanishes permanently within 100 seconds after they are read. If they are unopened, the messages vanish within 24 hours. Second, each message is protected with its unique 128-bit AES encryption. This is further secured by an RSA 20148-bit key.

CyberDust is very popular now. It is now available in 15 different languages. With CyberDust your message will disappear unless you ask them not to. Once the messages disappear, you will not find any permanent trace of it. There is no way that the messages can be monitored. So, for total private and secured communication, you should use CyberDust.