At xCopy we always look for ways to improve our products. We are continuously working on our products so that they can better serve your needs. Here are some of the products that we offer to our customers.

xMaster Backup


There is a huge rise in the number of mobile workforce. This has increased the potential for data loss and breach. xMaster Backup puts the control in your hand with integrated tools to protect your data. With xMaster Backup you get high speed and lightweight backups. It will save upto 80% of your bandwidth and storage. It provides faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users.

XCloud Archival


This software can integrate easily with the popular cloud apps and so gives enterprises a single access point for viewing and managing end-user data. It provides a platform to track, hold and monitor data. It’s user and admin audit trails provide traceability, transparency and accountability in support of compliance initiatives. It provides immediate data recovery solutions. This ensures that accidental end-user deletion of sensitive data can be recovered.

XMobile Protect


Mobile workforce accesses data from various devices. In order to protect against data loss and breach, this software can easily manage and protect important data across all devices. It has mobile backup that protects data from accidental losses. It has device encryption and geolocation feature that prevents data breach and helps in device recovery. It’s geofencing feature blocks access to data from unapproved IPs and locations.

xMaster Recovery


This software will recover any data loss, whether it’s due to hardware crash or virus. It can recover data very fast. The software can provide image-level backups to full system backup solutions.

Our products are very well researched and incorporate features that your business will benefit from. Choose our products for your data backup and recovery solutions.